When Lightning Strikes Sand. Fulgurites (Latin, meaning "thunderbolt")  Sometimes referred to as petrified lightning, they are natural hollow glass tubes formed by lightning strikes in quartzose sand, silica, or soil. (Wikipedpia)

When Lightning Strikes Sand

Fulgurite - Sand hit by lightning. This picture is not Fulgurite by the way.This is a stick with wet sand on it.Fulgurite is usually found in the ground where lightning has struck and is usually very small glass tubules.

Just In Case?

Hilarious Pictures of the week, 66 images. Why Are They Posing When I'm Taking A Photo Of Myself ?

Hello London!  WE will be trying them all.......great idea hu????  This would be a great poster to have posted in your bar....why do I keep giving all my ideas away?  Well, cause I like ya'll and you hussle and I know you wanna make em all!  Of course, we will not be having them all in one sitting.....multiple sittings throughout the day :)

Your Definitive Guide to Shots

30 Shots 30 different cocktail shot recipes, visualized into a handy infographic for all. For those very few times now that a shot is necessary.

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In re: to poorlydressed.failblog.org/2011/01/13/fashion-fail-the-ar...  (if it's not obvious, this is photoshopped...not a real guy)     Check this out!

the hottest guy in the world comfortable Short Rivet Ugg Boots,yeah,it can't protect your foot

Wedding season is here and whether or not you’re getting married, there’s always one thing to look forward to, and that’s the dresses. You may see ads pop up on social media, or a friend posts a picture of her beautiful couture gown. Dresses are everywhere, and while they’re super fun to look at, sometimes they just …

Ugly Wedding Dresses You Won't Believe People Wore: Poofy - Usually the puffy part comes at the bottom of the dress. This is almost like a reverse dress. It does have one thing going for it, though, it sure looks good to take a nap in.