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Like a simpler mask connected/moving into floral hair decoration, which is actually the more elaborate. Creepy version with spiders and webs suspended between/over/in parts.

somewhat more sinister Bird Fae inspiration. The Duchess is a bird fae, perhaps? Or there could be a raven bird fae. or that Owl Orcale I was considering for that other story.

Pakistani model Amna Babar posing for Elan bridals.

highfashionpakistan: Pakistani model Amna Babar

Exquisite lace, chiffon & rhinestone dress & shawl in pewter. Paired with a white & sequin mask it would be an amazing masquerade ball gown costume. Pakistani model Amna Babar for Elan bridal.

Elf by Ennya7 on deviantART ============================= profgasparetto / eagasparetto / Dom Gaspar I ================================== ================================== ==================================

Orange haired elf - and her story tells itself, too. Has to be an elf princess

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