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Fade to Black - Metallica - The subject matter might be depressing but we've all had dark moments in our lives and its songs like this that can inspire you to soldier on.


Fade To Black - METALLICA Ride the Lightning (1984) Recorded way back in the early days of thrash, "Fade to Black" is rightly acknowledged as the genre's first "power ballad." A seven-minute rumination on despair and suicide, the song is built around singer and guitarist James Hetfield's mournful, arpeggiated acoustic picking, over which Kirk Hammett adds some beautiful and soaring electric leads.


Day 201 (25/June/2013): Number 9 of 'Ten Great Guitar Solos' - Get out that air guitar and strum along......Metallica 'Fade To Black'. Ramping up the heaviness, but some spectacular guitaring nonetheless....