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Just saw this fact, go listen to it!

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22 Reasons Sea Otters Are Your Favorite Sea Creature

Cutest fact that ive seen so far :) WTF-fun-facts : funny weird facts ( Hermione whose patronus is an otter also holds hands with Ron when they sleep). :)

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Why Vault boy is holding his thumb out in fall the fallout series - WTF fun facts

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The Ultimate List Of The Best 2014 Books

I don't know where I heard this but apparently in your whole life you will walk past 5 murderers

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Making teens start school in the morning is 'cruel', brain doctor claims

Yeah give us more time like maybe Monday then off for the rest of the week

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repmet: “ did-you-kno: “ Here’s how: Source ” I’m working from home today and it’s been super quiet so I did this and it is just as cool as it looks. ”

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Maternity survey shows one-to-one care from the same midwife is safer

Want to REALLY have your mind blown? Google "Are you a miracle?", and then read the article. It's long, but definitely worth the read!!! TRULY MIND BLOWING!!! What are the probabilities of you being born -  WTF fun facts

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To know what you don't know > 8fact! that's one of the reasons i don't drink that nasty stuff Yuck!

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