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When I fall i'm glad I do because that means that I tried something new and to anyone who is scared to fall or when they are embarrassed just stop and think.....I tried a new skill today and remember, if you have fear you have passion!!!!!!!

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As a little girl I remember looking up to the strong ballerinas, in my dance studio. They would be practicing in the other room, and the little ones would be crowding around the door, whispering about how amazing it would be to do that. This too apply to life situation. Pickup urself. U never know you mayb d envy of others. Always hum a happy song in ur heart :) You will be happy always ;p

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Nadia Comaneci, Romania. She became the queen of the 1976 Montreal Games when she was awarded the first perfect score.

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Adult "Divine" Tank Dance Dress

Such a beautiful dancer. Love the inspiration, and love the pretty mint green dress too!

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