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BATS, Why They Are Important, And How To Get Bats To Make A Home In Your Yard.

Has this list of Rodents: Mice Rats Capybaras Agoutis Pacas gophers guinea pigs chinchillas gerbils hamsters squirrels beavers chipmunks marmots porcupine voles lemmings nutria or coypu springhares kangaroo rats


7 Fascinating Facts About Bats | Mother Jones --- bats are a vital part of the environment. If feel you're overrun by insects put up a bat house

Facts About Bats - Learn about bats through crafts, plays, experiments and observation. Little Brown Bats are endangered. Can we save them


12 images and facts about misunderstood bats

Bat pictures: 11 images and facts about a misunderstood creature - Orange painted bat