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This reminds my of my close friend's painting style. It's a nice simplistic design with a minimalist theme and a mix of warm and cool colors.

Face collage graphic design ACNE STUDIOS

Acne Studios Archive

Acne Studios - Shop Women Shop Ready to Wear, Accessories, Shoes and Denim for Men and Women

this shows ways of using CAD for time base it makes the image look like its moving and it really spoke to me as one photo can create three in one.

Made2share Exhibition in Sydney

psd - layering diff images - mountains // trees // colour overlays colours of nthrn lights

Surreal Times Call for Surrealist Jewelry - Rackedclockmenumore-arrow : Why are pieces of jewelry shaped like human faces having a moment?

Surreal Times Call for Surrealist Jewelry

Ah maz ing - Face Ring in Gold; not sure it's for me but great artistry deserves to be admired!