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Faca Book

Knife Vs.Gun – Infographic on
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Recycling old books. This is such a neat idea. Keeping in mind for future use.

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Get creative with paper, and design a unique bird box using your favourite pictures and prints. Follow this step-by-step guide to make your own and place it in a sheltered spot outside, or indoors as a decorative feature.

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30 Things Every Bookworms Should Have in Their Home

This one have a theme/visual theme which is the tree and it looks great. It also showcases how to apply the theme into displaying the book together and it is what I could do for my product as my client also want my product to have a theme

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The Association for Renaissance Martial Arts :: View topic - What can a crossguard tell you about a sword's use? Not Taijiquan specifically but informative.

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The tree branches here create a beautiful movement within the piece, and the contrast between them and the form they create around background is eye-catching.

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Yahoo7 Lifestyle: Fashion and Beauty, Healthy Living, Parenting, Love and Sex, Food, Horoscopes and more

How to make a paper butterfly sculpture - Better Homes and Gardens - Yahoo! New…

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Double it and make them daggers and we have the main hero's weapon of choice!

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