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How to Create a Canopy Ceiling

A full detailed tutorial on how to create a canopy ceiling using fabric or tulle! Tips and tricks to make a beautiful little girl's room draped ceiling!


I have wanted to do this in my room for so long but where would you even get the lights and material from?


23 Easy Ways To Turn Your Room Into A Cosmic Getaway


At least one room will have a ceiling lined with fabric.Probably something gauzy and translucent, with bright lighting behind it to compensate


How to Drape a Ceiling With Fabric

Decorating for a wedding reception or special party can be a challenge. How do you make your party unique without depleting your budget? Draping the ceiling with fabric can create a fairytale look, making your event a memorable one. To decorate the ceiling of a party room, you need a few yards of fabric, some embellishments and a little creativity....