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Very good idea to support this story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Many of my Little children like posting items, and looking for and identifying the fruit as we read the story and they post. We also talk about our likes and dislikes, our favourites and also about healthy food and treats. I downloaded this activity from ...


Top 15 Moral Stories For Kids

Is story time an essential part of your kid’s day? Do you like to teach him about various things, places and values through stories?


The Sleeping Beauty Trina Schart Hyman. T.S.Hyman was an American illustrator of children's books. She illustrated over 150 books, including fairy tales and Arthurian legends. Born: April 8, 1939, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Died: November 19, 2004 Education: University of the Arts, Konstfack


religious myth 4 Religion is the foundation of morality ~ Morality developed from a need for mutual benefit to survive, before religion came along. Do you need a bible not to kill? REally?

Teaching Theme with Fables - The Owl & the Grasshopper

Teach THEME through an Aesop Fable - The Owl & the Grasshopper. Students will use text evidence, identify vocabulary, identify the theme, moral, or lesson of the story, and retell/summarize. TpT