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Sweden's anti-immigration party now in first place. Why? Sweden is the rape capital of the world. Ezra Levant of explains why: Sweden welcomes thousands of Islamic "refugees" every year, who don't share the nation's famously progressive and peaceful views. What's worse, many white liberal Swedish judges excuse these crimes due to the rapists' cultural background.

Ezra Levant asked: "What was your intent?" (2008)

SCANDAL: MASS MEDIA COVERS UP TERRORISM TO PROTECT ISLAM Guest Paul Joseph Watson talks to Ezra Levant of about the media's intentional attempt to hide the true motives and culprits behind Islamic terrorist attacks


Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME) has filed December 22, 2016 a libel action against Ezra Levant the co-founder of The Rebel Media, ipo

Ezra Levant exposes Syrian refugee plot to help victims of Ft. McMurray fire, 06 May 2016. CALGARY – Right-wing pundit Ezra Levant says he has detailed evidence of a coordinated plot by Syrian refugees living across Canada. The RebelTV founder published dozens of tweets, written in Arabic, outlining a conspiracy by the newly resettled Muslims to unleash huge amounts food, shelter, and money out of their own pockets on unsuspecting families displaced by the fires in Fort McMurray.

Ezra Levant keeps shooting himself in the foot, again and again |

I was recently involved in an interesting exercise—examining taqiyya about taqiyya—and believe readers might profit from the same exercise, as it exposes all the subtle apologetics made in defense of the Islamic doctrine, which permits Muslims to lie to non-Muslims, or “infidels.” Context: Khurrum Awan, a lawyer, is suing Ezra Levant, a Canadian media personality …

BUSTED! This famous global warming crusader owns shares in NEARLY 100 oil & gas companies Written by Ezra Levant, The Rebel on 02 May 2016. john kerry(h/t Amirlach) It’s one thing to live in our carbon-rich society and complain about it, like all the global warming alarmists do. But it’s another thing to invest in carbon-intensive, carbon extractive companies at the same time.