Quick & handy Guide to Gods & Goddesses of Egypt! via Magical Recipes Online Ra, the God of Sun: Invoked for all Blessings, Healing & Wealth Osiris, God of the Underworld: Invoked for Justice & Rebirth Horus: Invoked for Protection & Healing: http://www.magicalrecipesonline.com/2012/05/whats-that-symbol-eye-of-horus-ouadza.html Isis: Invoked for Love & Magic Thoth: Invoked for Wisdom and Magical Powers Sekhmet: Invoke for Banishing and warding off Evil…

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Since Horus was said to be the sky, he was considered to also contain the sun and moon. It became said that the sun was his right eye and the moon his left, and that they traversed the sky when he, a falcon, flew across it.

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Panel from the back of Tutankhamun's golden throne, discovered in his tomb in the Valley of the Kings

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The Eye of Horus Bracelet found on the mummy of King Shoshenq II - c 890 BC- gold lapis lazuli, carnelian,faience - Cairo Museum

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This well-known Egyptian symbol is actually an early math problem. It express fractions of volume. The inner corner of the eye indicates one half, the iris is one fourth, the eyebrow is one eighth, the outer corner of the eye is one sixteenth, and so on. It can be used to tally amounts quickly.

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Antelopes. Boats decorated with antelope heads were dedicated to the god Soker, guardian of the desert and of the royal cemeteries near the northern capital Memphis. At first the goddess Satis, Mistress of Elephantine, was worshipped in the form of an antelope, in historic times she wore a headdress consisting of the crown of Upper Egypt and two antelope horns. The Egyptians seem to have made a symbolic connection between the waters of the Nile and the antelope. Just like Satis, another…

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'The waxing moon and the Eye of Horus at Dendera.' Astronomical ceiling. According to Egyptian mythology Horus lost his eye during a battle with Seth (the murderer of his father Osiris) and the eye (called 'Wadjet') was subsequently healed by Thoth, who is portrayed at the right-hand side of the picture. The destruction and healing of the eye was symbolically coupled by the ancient Egyptians to the waning and waxing of the moon.♔PM

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Yuny, shown kneeling, is dressed in the robe, wig, and sandals of a nobleman. His eyes and eye-brows, originally made as inlays, are now lost. Between his knees and outstretched arms he holds a shrine with a figure of the god Osiris

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