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Why Are Eye Exams Essential? #Infographics —

Why Are Eye Exams Essential? - #wellness #Infographics #health

Why Are Eye Exams Essential? #Infographics —

from Castle View Academy

Optician's Office Pretend Play

Optician's Office Pretend Play - Crystal's Tiny Treasures - I love all the details she includes! Plus, they get to practice some letters!

Tips for Keeping Your Eyes Healthy   #infographic #Eyes #health

Tips for Keeping Your Eyes Healthy #infographic

Tips for Keeping Your Eyes Healthy #infographic #Eyes #health

from Peeps Eyewear Blog

Great Glasses Play Day 2015 Recap (Plus—How to Make a Pretend-Play Eye Doctor Office!)

DIY Pretend-Play Eye Doctor's Office! Plus our #GreatGlassesPlayDay recap--what a fun day at @playatmcm !!


I have the worst headache today, both Shaun and Chet were up all night coughing and I don't think any of us had much sleep at all. I may sneak off to our spare bed tonight to get some shut eye and let them be bug ridden together. If anyone has any toddler health vitamins or supplements they recommend to try, I'd love to hear about them. It feels like Chet has been continuously unwell since starting daycare and the doctor said "it's normal." I know that... but I'd still like to try prevent it…


Eye doctor pretend play with glasses (sunglasses w/o lenses) and mirrors. Pair with vision chart, doctor coat, books about getting glasses!


A guide to deduction…

This is immediately what I thought of when the eye doctor told me I don't blink enough and need eye drops xD .....I CAN'T blink they'll get me O.o


Eye Doctor Eye Chart for House Corner


Aren’t you tired of going to your eye doctor and spending a lot of money on trendy glasses. If you noticed, doctors prescribe you new glasses every year. You are frustrated, your eyesight theoretically should’ve got better, but it didn’t.  After all, you wear expensive glasses that should improve your vision, right? Unfortunately, your glasses …