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from Skint Dad

7 Reasons Why I'm Not Into Extreme Couponing

I do use coupons to help with the cost of my supermarket shop but I'm not an extreme couponer and don't think couponing is a reliable way to save money.

from The Krazy Coupon Lady

Walgreens Extreme Couponing (Week of 6/17): $5.00 or Less

Walgreens Extreme Couponing (Week of 6/17): $5.00 or Less | | The Krazy Coupon LadyThe Krazy Coupon Lady

In Extreme Couponing, everyday people save hundreds of dollars in trips to the store thanks to discount coupons. Tune in to TLC to see Extreme Couponing!

from Passive Income Wise

25+ Ways To Save Money - The Saving Challenge

These tips might help you to pay your debt or to save money for that 20% deposit you need for your future house. Full article:

from Living Richly on a Budget

35 Extreme Couponing Tips

I hardly used coupons before TLC'S Extreme Couponing show. But after I saw what was possible, it motivated me to try some of their techniques. My goal isn't to get $1,000 worth of products for $40. Let's be realistic here. Most of what we saw on TV was that person's biggest haul. That means that