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Breast milk is the best nutrition for babies, and it’s recommended that your baby is fed on breast milk alone for the first six months. Here, you’ll find our useful breastfeeding tips for getting off to a great start.


Two Reasons to Reconsider Extended Breastfeeding

Nursing older children is a very touchy subject, even among moms who breastfeed their infants. But one thing's for sure: moms who do it, either in public or in

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Community Post: 25 Historical Images That Normalize Breastfeeding


Short, very descriptive essay on how to get a good latch. Great hands on info. Perfect for preparing to breast feed. Prevent problems instead of solve them. How to prevent & treat sore nipples

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Guide To Extended Breastfeeding - The Benefits, Challenges and How-tos

Breastfeeding toddler | Extended breastfeeding | Breastfeeding tips | Breastfeeding benefits | How to breastfeed

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7 Benefits of Extended Breastfeeding

Pediatricians recommend breastfeeding until baby is at least a year old -- but many moms keep going beyond that. Discover the pluses of extended breastfeeding.

You can start introducing your baby to good sleep habits from day one. The important thing is to adapt the routine as your baby gets older. Our age-by-age guides will help.