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"Shadow work refers to the process of healing the split between who we think we ought to be and the trapped life energy caught in the pretense of trying to hide and conceal what we can’t accept about ourselves. Shadow work is soul work, it holds the essence of who we are. It includes all of ourselves, our darkness and our light, our meanness and our greatness."-Leigh Pobst #double #exposure #photography (Matt Wisniewski)

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Double Exposure Photography: 25 pictures that will blow your mind

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Overlay of images all in the same space, using shutter speed to take different movement shots I like this image because it has one focus, which is the girl sat on the chair but the movement of her around the image, giving it a different meaning

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15 Ultra Talented Portrait Artists to Check Out Right Now

There are so many directions to go with Daisy. This image struck me and brings to mind a woman trapped inside the beautiful facade she has created and drowning in the choices she's made. On first instinct, that's Daisy to me.

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A Primer on Long Exposures by Lynne Eodice | In contrast to using fast shutter speeds to freeze action, using long exposures is a very creative means to convey motion in a photograph. A blurred image can be a very impressionistic rendition of movement, giving the viewer a sense of sensation. This will cover blurred motion, panning, zooming your lens during an exposure & capturing streaks of light from traffic at night. Experiment with these simple techniques, & have fun getting dramatic…

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color therapy involves the use of the energy vibrations of color in treating some conditions. It helps balance the natural rhythms of the body through identifying what color the body feels a deficiency for then giving that color to the body to create a balanced state.

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