Experiential for St. Martin Tourism. This would make a fun journey to work

Experiential for St. This would make a fun journey to work and an incredible advertisement for a themed shop.

It's Time to Experiment with Experiential Marketing - ClickZ

Experiential marketing offers an opportunity to merge online and offline in a wholly immersive way. But in developing a campaign, where should brands begin?

EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 101 #Infographic #Marketing

Visulattic - Your Infographics Destination: Experimental Marketing Everything You Need to Know About Experiential Marketing

right here in HK  EXHIBITOR magazine - Article: EXHIBITOR Magazine's Corporate Event Awards: The Rat Pack, August 2012

The Rat Pack

Rat Race by JP Morgan - An event that taps into the uniquely ultra-competitive work culture of Hong Kong

This one had all the folks at Nike saying why didnt we think of that! Lovely execution

Patrice C. Franklin on

This Adidas pop-up shop does an excellent job of a new way of perceiving their new shoe, since having to go into the shoebox to see their new shoe.