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I will added to my folder of birds; even though, I don't know what kind of bird it is? - This is a Male Golden Pheasant.

bird of paradise, skins of these birds used as trading years ago, until it became illegal to do so.

The Raggiana Bird of Paradise; the national bird of Papua New Guinea. i used to live there when i was a kid, tho unfortunately i never got to see one al. Raggiana Bird of Paradise

Exotic Bird of Paradise.  Beautiful colours and u can c them in New Guinea or in Cuba I think but, they r on the coins in Cuba. I have one paso from Cuba with the bird of paradise.

Ten perfect birdwatching trips

The Lesser Bird-of-paradise, Paradisaea minor, is a bird-of-paradise in the genus Paradisaea. The Lesser Bird-of-paradise is distributed throughout forests of northern New Guinea, and the nearby islands of Misool and Yapen

rio de janeiro.*-*. THE SOUND OF MACAW'S SCREAMING...

Blue-and-yellow Macaw (Ara ararauna) at Jurong Bird Park: This Macaw breeds in forest (especially varzea, but also in open sections of Terra Firme) and woodland of tropical South America from Trinidad and Venezuela

Exotic birds  - Gorgeous African Emerald Cuckoo bird. This is a male.

African Emerald Cuckoo male, what beautiful colors .

Rufous-Backed Kingfisher (Ceyx rufidorsa) @ Panti Forest, Malaysia, by Chong Lip Mun, via Flickr.

☀Rufous-Backed Kingfisher (Ceyx rufidorsa) @ Panti Forest by Chong Lip Mun - What a beautiful bird!