Laughed a little too hard at this

Same nice poem. I'm gonna tell this to my valentine next year

not as bad as when my mum called it Japanese... like it's not even close???

This happenedd to me i was showing a girl kpop and she was like "no offense but why dont they just speak english" 😭😂

If I was friends with EXO these would be their names in my phone <-- Bless whoever made this

im sebum, channel, lays chips, easybaek oven, and shoomin LMAO


Lay - 160722 Exoplanet - The EXO’rDium in Seoul merchandise Credit: Lay Zone.

Hahaha love it XD

What are EXO concerts even? <<WWE smack downs or a strip club. there is no inbetween

Yep. :D I seriously think my reading speed has become exceptionally fast(er) because of subtitles.

O'yesh! xD

International Kpop fans are pro at reading subtitles. We have too.