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Examples Of Subcultures

Etre vintage ou ne pas être

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Sub Cultures – Influencing The World of Fashion

Vivienne Westwood. Punk Rock Duenna. Example of slogan t-shirts of the time with symbols and distressing.

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[Sid Vicious, bassist for the Sex Pistols, and girlfriend Nancy Spungen] The swastika is a clear example of #appropriation within the punk subculture. According to Hebdige, punks were typically unsympathetic to parties of the extreme right (116). In fact, punk subculture grew out of an "antithetical response to the reemergence of racism in the mid-70's,"

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"The word 'lowrider' may generally conjure up images of mid-sixties Impalas or late-seventies GM G-bodies, but the subculture was born in the thirties, and what you see in these photos is a fine example of the breed. It's a 1937 Hudson Terraplane, a typically gangster '30s profile with suicide doors, running boards and a bluff, uncompromising nose" (from a previous pinner)

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VINTAGE OXBLOOD LEATHER lace up grunge BOOTS biker DMs army dark red purple 90s

Brutus’ slender cut tartan plaid shirt in oxblood and yellow colour check pattern w/ Dr Marten boot

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