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ELA PREDICATES Simple, Complete, & Compound PowerPoint PPT

This is a 15-slide PowerPoint presentation on predicates. The presentation includes: 1) overview & examples of predicates; 2) overview of, examples of, and practice with complete predicates; 3) overview of, examples of, and practice with simple predicates; 4) overview of, examples of, and practice with compound predicates; and 5) independent practice (with answers) to apply all concepts covered in presentation.

Gerunds are verbs with an -ing ending that are used as nouns. They can do anything nouns can do. That means that they can be subjects, direct objects, objects of prepositions, predicate nouns, and more! This picture is a simple example of a gerund.

Definition and Examples of Predicates in English Grammar

What Are Predicates in English Grammar?: Also see <a href="">subject</a>

Subject and Predicate Anchor Charts and Task Cards

This easy to use Subject and Predicate Anchor Chart and Task Cards product (Parts of a Sentence) is Common Core aligned for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade and includes 36 task cards, 4 instructional pages (or anchor charts) with explanations and examples of simple subjects, complete subjects, simple predicates, and complete predicates. Use it for stations, small groups, whole class, or an early finisher activity!


Subject Predicate PPT Lesson

This Powerpoint lesson teaches Subject Predicate with tons of examples. It is themed like puzzle pieces that have to connect to make a complete se...

A predicate adjective modifies the subject of a sentence as in the following simple predicate adjective examples. The boy seems small. The balls are blue. The earth is round. Chocolates are great. The Leafs remain superior.

How to Find the Predicate in a Sentence

A predicate is one of the two main parts of a sentence. Here we'll use examples to show you some of the different types of predicates.