Do you need some examples of polymers? Here is a list of materials that are polymers, plus some examples of materials that are not polymers.

Common Examples of Polymers

Heavy water is oxygen and the deuterium isotope of hydrogen. Here's a look at whether heavy water is radioactive and whether it is safe to drink.

Bottled water may carry an expiration date, but under typical storage conditions it does not go bad.

Can Bottled Water Go Bad?

Beware the extreme expense of bottled water - A lot of people like to consume bottled water, believing it to be cleaner and more posh than tap water. However, there are some bottled waters that aren’t what they claim to be.

Can You Drink Heavy Water?: A bottle of heavy water would sink in regular water.

Here's What Happens If You Drink Heavy Water

Common Examples of Polymers: A plastic water bottle is a common example of a…

An updated version of my tutorial for ‘polymer clay toggle clasp pendants’ is now available.Perhaps you too have become a little bored with using the same commercial clasps over and ove…

Leaf Toggle Clasp Pendants for Polymer Clay Jewelry


Осенний конкурс авторской фурнитуры

How to Make Feathers of Polymer Clay ©  / Делаем перья из полимерной глины

How to Make Feathers of Polymer Clay

How to Make Feathers of Polymer Clay © / Делаем перья из полимерной глины

Examples of heat-gun crackle technique from , this is a very leathery, primitive look.  #polymer clay #tutorial . Click on the link above the pictures to go to the tutorial site or click on the link in this description. (French)

Examples of heat-gun crackle technique, this is a very leathery, primitive look.

IMG_0042.jpg picture by paranormalis - Photobucket

Example of extruded, ripple cut beads. (Translation is a little hard to figure out) ~ Polymer Clay Extruder


Осенний конкурс авторской фурнитуры

Awesome example of clay canes that can be made!! -


Gallery of Polymer Clay Jewellery - Fantastic way to combine clay with wire!

Examples of unique and original handmade polymer clay necklaces by the International Artist Fiona Abel-Smith