Chapter 5. This is a great chart and practice problems that give you the foundation of reflexive verbs in the present tense. It gives you a good example of a verb that isn't always reflexive.

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Free printable grammar terms posters. Each poster includes an explanation of the term and some examples of their uses in sentences. Includes adjective, adverb, verb, noun, pronoun, connective, conjunction, preposition, definite article, indefinite article, adverbial, fronted adverbial, proper noun and article.

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There are 3 kinds of regular verbs in French: -ER, -IR, -RE. Once you’ve learned the rules of conjugation for each of theses three kinds of verbs, you should be able to conjugate regular verbs in each of those categories with ease. Use the illustration below as a guide!

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New: Bloom's Taxonomy Planning Kit for Teachers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

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