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The 100 greatest novels of all time: The list

More detailed style of illustration using pen? Use colours relating to danger or suspense?

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The two Churches Walk

The Isle of Skye, Scotland - This beautiful picture was taken on Dunvegan's Two Churches Walk. Its great for a rainy day too. FIND THE WALK AND ITS BROCHURE on our list here

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Breathtaking Landscape Inspiration #2

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One of the best, most influential movies ever and a classic example of the cultural and artist revolution that came out of the Weimar Republic in post First World War Germany.

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8 Steps To Cracking The YA Mindset

Young Adult fiction is wildly popular. I write it, and I know several dozen other writers that do too. It's becoming the front runner for the biggest share of sales across the whole book/ebook mark...

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Wonderful examples of environment design concept art from Favio Bolla

"Its amazing to see a culture hold true, and keep itself through time. Which means this place is either strick as all hell or never seen war and will sooner rather than later" -Voider's observations of a new world. *Explorations from beyond the void*

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Starting a business: What type of entity should I create

Here is an example of architectural photography. Architectural photography is photographs featuring different aspects of an architectural structure wether it be part of the structure, its whole form, interior or exterior images.

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History of A.I.: Artificial Intelligence (Infographic)

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