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Domino Doubles Game

Help your kids have fun while learning their doubles math facts with this Domino Doubles Game from Creative Family Fun

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Math Properties Sort

I created this activity for 3rd graders to practice sorting examples of all of the different properties of addition and multiplication. This sort includes examples of the Identity Property of Addition, Identity Property of Multiplication, Commutative Property of Addition, Commutative Property of Multiplication and an "Oddball" category, which contains non-examples of the properties.


This 13 page Interactive Notebook includes foldables for definitions and examples of each property. There is also a sort for the interactive notebooks where students will sort examples of each property.This product is also part of a larger money saving bundle for Identity and Commutative Properties.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Virginia sol concept sort identity and commutative properties test prep

This product is one in a series of CONCEPT SORTS aligned with the Virginia SOLs. This product will help students identify and sort examples of the identify and commutative properties of addition and multiplication. This product includes:2 Ready to Print and Use Cut and Paste worksheets for sorting properties2 Open ended worksheets that provide an opportunity for students to draw models of the identify and commutative properties and to write a description of the p...

This mini booklet is a great resource to have on hand when teaching your kiddos about the three addition properties. Your students can explain each property, and show examples and non-examples of each as well. There are also blank pages for your students to illustrate each property using pictures (their favorite part!).This covers the Identity Property, Associative Property and Commutative Property.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Properties of Multiplication Posters and Activity

Interactive posters for teaching or reviewing the properties of multiplication with colorful chevron borders and Melonheadz clipart. Posters include: Identity Property, Zero Property, Commutative Property, Associative Property, and Distributive property. 16-Interactive cards for a matching activity included with multiple examples of each property.