Who saw the Doctor Who Christmas special? I just saw it today and OMG!!!! BTWs this is Jesy I'm just pinning to Leigh's account cos she doesn't like Doctor Who ;P Byeeeee!! x

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PIC 11. I came across this picture when i was looking into disney character in PIC 6. It is an old poster of mickey mouse through the ages. As a child i was scared of people dressed up in character costumes therefore designing creative hair around this theme fit into the brief fantastically. I realised the drawings which didn't include pupils in the eyes looked slightly more scary than the recent drawings, therefore this was something i would take with me when designing and making my piece.

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Funny Christmas Cards - Other Reindeer Used To Call Him Names

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Carl Grimes. Poor kid's been through so much.

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Lol did everyone like read one thing then look for it read another and look for it and so on cause i did

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"The Day of the Triffids" is probably the most well known of John Wyndham's works, exploring humanity's hubris and downfall in the face of more advanced evolution.

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