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Skin as white as snow. Hair as black as coal. Lips as red as blood. And a heart that stopped beating a long time ago, when the man with the Queen's dagger hunted a young woman down and cut out her heart. And so was created Snow White, a princess of the night. First of her kind.

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Her corpse-like appearance and the bones she wears give her the likeness of the goddess Hel of Norse Mythology, except she wields two daggers.

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Eerie | Creepy | Surreal | Uncanny | Strange | Macabre | 不気味 | Mystérieux | Strano | By EdwardsChamelsk

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List of Supernatural Creatures

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In Finnish folklore, Ajatar (also known as Ajattara or Ajattaro) is an evil female spirit of the forest, “the devil of the woods”. She has many forms and depending on the description, she’s said to be a witch, a ghost, a snake or a dragon. Ajatar spreads diseases and plague and anyone who looks at her becomes sick. It was believed that Ajatar was the reason why people got lost in the woods and her name is probably derived from the Finnish word ajattaa; ‘to lead’, ‘to pursue’.

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Come back to all that is beautiful, sacred, ethereal, poetic, powerful & feminine. Discover Goddess magic, alchemy, ritual, lunar wisdom & sisterhood.

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