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Los 25 mejores posters del cine de terror

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Evolution of Horror Movie Poster Designs: 1922 – 2009

Evil Dead 2 - Relentless horror comedy. One of the greatest of all time. Exhilarating at times, like Dead Alive. I'm still laughing to bits watching this in Creativity all the way. I could include the original trilogy but this is still my favourite of the

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Evil Dead posters... and a mysterious book

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The Evil Dead (1981)

"Evil Dead" with Bruce Campbell. A cult classic. Five friends travel to a cabin in the woods, where they unknowingly release flesh-possessing demons. Photo and info credit: IMDb.

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Evil Dead VHS - If you love movies and movie posters follow the podcast and

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24 Minimalist Movie Posters

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Not exactly a scary comedy, but definitely horror slapstick and (I think) the best of the Evil Dead movies

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