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I hope this is one thing I am able to teach my kids. Be an INDIVIDUAL don't worry about being like everybody else they are just jealous they are not as awesome and comfortable with their selves as you are simply being yourself all the time.

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It's not that suprising!! Cause we actually have a very high education level and stuff but everybody thinks that we're just a random country where's nothing else than woods.

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Why I (and Everybody Else) Should Learn to Take a Compliment

I recently boarded a plane where I had a encounter I can't get out of my mind. After a few days in Southern California, I wasn't quite ready to transition back to my standard boots, scarf, and jeans that cool San Francisco temperatures require

Matisse quotes. Just so you know you are not alone in thinking you're weird but never second guess the medicine you bring into this world. Your difference is needed. Melanie

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12 Super Easy Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is the time of giving and receiving gifts. This Christmas, don't settle for store-bought gifts, but make your own instead, let your gifts stand out from everybody else's. To give you some inspiration, we brought you 12 of the best ideas for homemade Christmas gifts, they're so easy and creative.^$To make your gifts more special, you need special wrapping for your gifts. Check out these

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Kinks - Im Not Like Everybody Else. A-side "Sunny Afternoon" Released 3 June 1966 (#UK) July 1966 (US) Recorded 12 May #1966; Pye Studios (No.2), London Genre #Rock *info from wikipedia

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Message To My Ex: Want To Tell Him He's a Douche? Beg Forgiveness? Do It Right Here

Not a message about an ex for me but a friend. Whilst everybody else got tired of their bullshit routine, I stuck around. I've finally listened to people who have told me that I need to step away.

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