who needs a tent when you can sleep under these stars??

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Evening sky

In Denmark from the of May until tihe of August we are having White Nights

I must confess to a feeling of profound humility in the presence of a universe which transcends us at almost every point.  ~ Sir Isaac Newton

nelsoncarpenter: “wnderlst: Self-portrait at Valley of Fire State Park, California ”

"A large, safe wooded area lies just to the left of the field.  You see a mass of trees with their sturdy trunks.  They are there to protect you as you take time to relax in the field." - "A Time for Sleep: Guided Relaxation Techniques for Peaceful Slumber."

Three Rivers Deep

I pressed on this picture by accident when A Sky Full of Stars line came up from…

Looks like off our old bulkhead :)  Beautiful and sad all at the same time.

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I picked this picture because the colors of the sunset are just beyond beautiful with he purple that blends to pink and blue and makes the ocean or lake sparkle with a different shade is magnificent.

Science Fiction — theamazingdigitalart:  The amazing digital art...

This has subtle motion to it due to the hurricane and trolley lines. Has a good point telling one point perspective.

A young 2 days old moon seen after sunset. If the moon looks inverted it's because the shot was taken in the South Hemisphere.

Golden Crescent by Luis Argerich. 2 day old new moon. Photo taken in the southern hemisphere, which makes it look like an old moon.

Benjamin Moore Evening Sky 833  "This is a deep, dark inky blue that can look almost black in the shade, but it turns into a rich, deep blue in the sun. It would look just as great on a stone house in the mountains as it would on a faded, silvery-shingled Cape Cod at the beach." -ANDREW FLESHER

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Benjamin Moore Evening Sky A dark inky blue almost black in the shade, turns into a rich, deep blue in the sun. On a stone house or faded, silvery-shingled Cape Cod at the beach.

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