I Can Talk to God - Free printable prayer prompt cards for boys and girls - As we are spending the month improving the spiritual health of our family, we have tried to be more intentional during our evening prayer and song before bed.

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Good Night Prayer...to wake up refreshed not worried, anxious, and sick like every Monday mornings since you flew away son28.11.2016

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A GOODNIGHT PRAYER Heavenly Father, We come to the close of another day. Thank you for the bountiful blessings. And protection upon us each day. We love you Lord for all the mighty And amazing things you do for us Each day. Surround us with your Warrior Angels to block out all Attacks of the enemy and help Us to rest completely in your Unfailing love. Give us peaceful Sleep till the breaking of a new day. We pray this Jesus' name, Amen.

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Evening Prayer

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Dear Lord, what a day it has been! Help me to pause tonight and exhale my worries and my weariness. Help me to breathe in the promise that you'll never let me go; You never left my side today; and you go before me with power and precision, authority and attention to detail. You are sovereign and no one compares to you! I have no reason to worry

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