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10 TV Shows That The Internet Was Really Good At Ruining

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evan peters goddammit i will legit have your childrens.. HEY WAIT WHERE YOU GOIN COME BACK HERE AND IMPREGNATE ME

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american horror story...someone tell me why this was so attractive to me...I need help

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so i have made it my lifes goal to meet evan peters and hug him...and maybe touch his butt and hopefully not get arrested... and if emma roberts is there i will fight her to the death. :)

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"Kita was a master at the poker face. He just sat there, hands folded, listening to everything that David dished out at us. I usually snapped out something sarcastic that ended up getting me punished. Some of the others did too... But never Kita. He was calm and pleasant, and to this day I still believe that the composure he kept was the only thing that saved us from death." @RandomStuffles

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