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Tomoko Uemura in Her Bath by William Eugene Smith - Inspirational Story behind a Photo

Eugene Smith Tomoko Uemura in Her Bath Minamata, 1972 Minimata disease is a neurological syndrome caused by severe mercury poisoning. Named for a town in Japan where a plant's wastewater contaminated the bay for decades.

W. Eugene Smith was no doubt one of the greatest war correspondents of the last century. As the photographer for Life, he followed the island-hopping American offensive against Japan, from Saipan t...

A Walk To The Paradise Garden

Eugene Smith - The walk to Paradise Garden - 1946 The photographer's children, Pat and Juanita. The closing image in Edward Steichen's Family of Man exhibition at the MOMA in

7 Lessons W. Eugene Smith Has Taught Me About Street Photography

© W. Eugene Smith NYC Harbour, July Nun waiting for survivors of SS Andrea Doria, an Italian ocean liner which collided with another ship near the coast of Nantucket. The survivors were brought to New York City.

photo; W. Eugene Smith part of Life magazine photo essay of rural doctor in Colorado.

Country Doctor, 1948 by W. Eugene Smith - Artnet Auctions – Icon of Photojournalism

W. Eugene Smith Untitled 1954 Gelatin silver print 34.6 x 25.2 cm Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona: W. Eugene Smith Archive / Gift of the artist © The Heirs of W. Eugene Smith, courtesy Black Star, Inc., New York

Behind the Picture: Albert Schweitzer in Africa

luzfosca: “ W. Eugene Smith Goats on the Rooftop, Schwitzer’s Leper Village, 1954 Thanks to regardintemporel and zeigarnik ”

"The Wake" - W. Eugene Smith

W. Eugene Smith: 'I Didn't Write the Rules, Why Should I Follow Them?'

W. Eugene Smith - The photographer’s daughter, 1950's

Precious Children Kids Babies black white sepia The photographer’s daughter Photo: W.

© W. Eugene Smith

William Eugene Smith, Spanish Village 1951 This is a very good picture of everyday life. Just because it showing what people do to help and its a nice sunny day. When this picture was took because the sun is shining of the the hills.

Two Women Talking from W. Eugene Smith's photo essay "Spanish Village" shot in Deleitosa - 1951.......THESE LADIES COULD SPREAD MORE NEWS THAN OUR MODERN-DAY RADIO, T.V., TWITTER AND FACE BOOK ALL ROLLED TOGETHER.......ccp

deepitforest: “ Two Women Talking from W. Eugene Smith’s photo essay “Spanish Village” shot in Deleitosa - 1951 ”

W. Eugene Smith - Maldito Insolente

W. Eugene Smith - Maldito Insolente