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Rollercoaster alleys of La Valletta. It looks like a headache to navigate but it's amazing.

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New rules for online payments within EU

New rules for online payments within EU | Good news for people who buy goods and services online from other European countries. Finance ministers in the 27 EU member states have agreed new rules to make cross-border payment services for online transactions easier... Buying advice from the leading technology site

New Zealand wants post-Brexit free trade deal 'ASAP' as PM says talks have already begun

New Zealand can't wait to sign new trade deal and talks have already begun. If you had lived in NZ for a while you would understand why the EU is the worst thing to have ever happened to the UK. NZ is a free sovereign country, freely trades with the world, is not a member of any restrictive trade organisation like the EU, has UK laws, more or less. Has none of the problems that the Liberal Libtard EUrophiles have imposed on the UK, etc., etc., etc. Check out facts in Wiki. jp.

REVEALED: SECRET MAP shows what European nations REALLY think of 'doomed’ EU

The EU is thoroughly embedded with Technocracy in that it is completely run by unelected and unaccountable technocrats. Member states are getting fed up with the arrangement and view the EU as on its last legs. The outcome will be interesting to watch, because if the EU falls apart, it will be a major blow to Technocrats everywhere that their crackpot schemes are not acceptable.

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Mediterranean migrant crisis: EU refugee quotas to be proposed

The first video below calls your attention to the building refugee crisis in Europe that is beginning to reach epic proportions. One U.S. economist has even suggested that this mass migration of refugees is undermining the EU’s free cross border...

Galileo sat-nav system officially public now

Galileo sat-nav system officially public now | Another month, it seems, another problem for the EU's Galileo satellite-navigation system - this time the 27 member countries have finally told the private companies involved in the GPS-busting scheme to pack up and leave. Buying advice from the leading technology site

Migrant crisis will cost £20bn: Experts reveal shock price the EU has to pay

THE European Union migrant crisis is “shaking confidence” in the bloc and will cost member countries up to £20billion this year alone, a respected economic think tank warned yesterday.

GM crops expected to be grown in England The new European Directive allowing EU member states to opt out of GMO cultivation is here. Some of the legal difficulties that opting-out countries could face are outlined here. The approach that may have a chance of holding up legally for... #gmo #produce

Poland is considering legislation that would completely ban abortion in the EU member state country. The proposals – criticised as “medieval”- would mean abortion would be illegal even in cases of rape or if the foetus has a severe...

Theresa May told trade deals with rest of world MORE important than Brexit deal with EU

Britain must focus on developing economic ties with the rest of the world to sign as soon as the country is freed from Brussels’ shackles, the EU law expert said. He insisted these must be of greater concern and importance than implementing a deal with the 27 remaining EU member states, even if that means walking away with no deal.