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Ethiopian wolves are the World’s rarest canid and Africa’s most endangered carnivore; fewer than 450 animals survive in a few scattered populations. I spent 5 weeks photographing these beautiful animals in the remote Ethiopian Highlands.

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Ethiopian Wolf by M. Watson Ethiopian Wolf (Canis simensis) sitting in the Bale Mountains, Ethiopia, at 4000m - 4300m elevation. The endangered Ethiopian Wolf is also known as the Simien Jackal,...

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Ethiopian wolf. With less than 500 individuals remaining, the Ethiopian wolf could be the next of the Earth’s large mammals to become extinct. The Ethiopian wolf is threatened by loss of habitat, hybridization with domestic dogs and the spread of lethal diseases carried by domestic dogs.

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Wolves of the world . One thing, though. Ethiopian wolves are canids, but not actual members of the wolf species. All true wolves (including domestic dogs) are listed under CANIS LUPUS, while the Ethiopian wolf is listed under CANIS SIMENSIS.

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Ethiopian wolf, I think these are truly gorgeous animals. Kind of what I imagine a cross between a fox and dog

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