Let’s build a functional Arduino webserver with the Ethernet/SD Card shield | The hack shed

Microcontroller size comparison: Top row left to right: Parallax Propeller, 3.2" TFT Arduino Shield, Arduino Ethernet Shield Middle row: Parallax Basic Stamp, Arduino LCD Shield, OSEPP Arduino Uno Bottom row: Basic Stamp 2, Basic Stamp, Raspberry Pi, Arduino Uno P1010458.JPG by prdamrcn, via Flickr

Less expensive Arduino Ethernet Shield. ENC28j60 Ethernet shield. For sale here: http://store.open-electronics.org/Arduino/Shield/ETHERNETSHIELDKIT


Arduino Web Control of Relay and Lights with Ethernet Shield

Hi there! This is my first instructable so if anything is unclear, please let me know and I'll try to explain it! My scenario was as follows: I have an external location of which I want to know if somebody's there. The easiest way to do this is using a motion detector (PIR) and an Arduino. There are a lot of examples of how to get this working using an Ethernet shield, but in my case I wanted to use the cheap (±$3) and new ESP8266 WiFi module. Since this module is fairly new, not much ...

Let’s build a functional #Arduino #webserver with the #Ethernet/SD Card #shield #network #web #UNO

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