Call Me Madam - Ethel Merman

Actress and singer Ethel Merman Ð talking on the telephone and looking surprised in the 1953 film of the Irving Berlin musical 'Call Me Madam'.

Ethel Merman wardrobe test for "Call Me Madam" 1953 20TH Century Fox

Ethel Merman - "Call Me Madame" - Costume designer : Irene Sharaff

Ethel Merman Call Me Madam 1951

Ethel Merman Call Me Madam .listening to the record as we speak :)

Ethel Merman and Ernest Borgnine are all smiles at the reception which followed their marriage in the garden of his Hollywood home. June, 1964 (the marriage lasted 32 days)

Actress/Singer Ethel Merman and actor Ernest Borgnine were married in June It did not turn out to be one of Hollywood’s most enduring marriages. She filed for divorce after 32 days!

Ethel Merman as Reno Sweeney in 'Anything Goes', Cole Porter

November The original production of ANYTHING GOES, starring Ethel Merman as Reno Sweeney, opens at the Alvin Theatre

Ethel Merman's energy and undeniable talent made her a force of nature on stage. She was infamous for rarely looking fellow actors in the eye. She had only one focus while on stage – the audience. The results might not meet with the approval of acting teachers, but they delighted the ticket buying public. That is why Merman had become one Broadway's biggest stars in less than ten years. She went on to star in 18 films.

Salafist Imam: Mermaids Real, Are Halal

Ethel Merman (January 1908 – February was an American actress and singer. Known primarily for her belting voice and roles in musical theatre, she has been called "the undisputed First Lady of the musical comedy stage.

Ethel Merman (1908-1984)

Ethel MERMAN * AFI Top Actress nominee - she was tough, funny, unique, and had more songs written FOR her in "The Great American Songbook" than any other female. (FYI-the male was Fred Astaire)