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The Sphinx is generally accepted to have been built along with the Pyramids of Giza around 2500 BC. But, the Sphinx today has a vertical weathering profile in the limestone trench surrounding it. This erosion, according to geology, could only be the result of prolonged rainfall, in contrast to the dry weather experienced in Egypt since 2500 BC. Based on the climatic evidence, a geologist at Boston University, estimated it between 9,000 to 12,000 years old, when climate was wetter

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awesome IRS Estimated Taxes Due Dates 2017

When are you due?

Why estimated due dates are not deadlines |

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Estimated due date for a baby lost to miscarriage. A painful day.

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How is your due date worked out also known as EDD (Estimated Delivery Date)?

Pregnant? The Mumsnet due date calculator will estimate your baby's likely due date and the date of conception.