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Listen y'all, I can give you one. Reproduction. PS please don't think I don't like gays, because I do. I actually have some gay friends and their great! But there are reasons gay marriage doesn't work, and there are reasons straight marriage doesn't work. We just need to see eye to eye.


It's astonishing to me that people can reconcile extreme right-wing views with being a "Christian".Unless of course Christianity, the religion of love& peace, actually exists to exclude people not like them and to condemn them to eternal torment. PS if God is omnipresent, what difference can it make sending people elsewhere. He's everywhere, you know !


Shariamerica: Islam, Obama, and the Establishment Clause-This guy is good. HE KNOWS his stuff.Making it easy to understand w/facts SHOWING how The US is already a Shariamerica. (Obama and Clinton.)

HUGE news - this must be followed closely. Click for article, and the court decision is here:


Levin: Trump must not nominate ‘losers’ like Sen. Bob Corker to ANYTHING. Members of the Republican Establishment must be kept out of a Trump administration and Sen. Corker must not be secretary of state. Sen. Corker, you will recall, single-handedly enabled the 0bama administration to enact the Iran Nuclear Deal by surrendering the treaty clause of the U.S. Constitution to 0bama.

from Friendly Atheist

Highlights from the Oral Arguments in Town of Greece v. Galloway

Godless Court - Peddling the Greatest Fraud - Propagating Idolatry: Chief Justice John Roberts suggesting that we would never adopt a city seal with a cross on it today — or even adopt a motto like In God We Trust. > > > “The Christian god is a being of terrific character - cruel, vindictive, capricious, and unjust.” ... Thomas Jefferson. > > > Click image!


“The court finds that Secular Humanism is a religion for Establishment Clause purposes,” the ruling read..

Minneapolis city hall declares 'hijab day' imposing islam there. This is a violation of the ESTABLISHMENT CLAUSE> Police chief ought to be fired. this is dhimmitude on steroids! 3-12-14