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--- EANPA - WORDS THAT DESCRIBE PAIN --- What do you say when you wish to explain how you feel? Pain can be described with various degrees from 1 to 10 (ten being the highest level) and different adjectives, but pain can be felt only by the person suffering from it. Therefore it is essential to use the best words to communicate and explain how you feel. This table offers terms most often used to describe pain.


This "dumb tree" is my friend. (Guardians of the Galaxy) -- i liked this part! my friends and i went in loving different characters, and we left loving only Groot lol


Sale of bread at a market stall. Roman fresco from the Praedia of Julia Felix in Pompeii. Museo Archeologico Nazionale (Naples)

The Flavour Thesaurus by Niki Segnit. Ever wondered why one flavour works with another? Or lacked inspiration for what to do with a bundle of beetroot? The Flavour Thesaurus is the first book to examine what goes with what, pair by pair.

Updated Teacher Time Bin for Daily 5

3rd Grade guided reading bins with printables! Character posters, cube labels, Bloom's Taxonomy cards, etc! I WANT THIS ONE DAY :)


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