Essential oils dilution chart to know how to dilute essential oils like when you mix coconut oil as carrier oil. Beginner's guide to essential oils as natural remedies with basics to use diluted oils for your diffuser, bath, or tea for energy! Essential oils can help for colds, anxiety, skin, allergies, sleep, arthritis, and more! They could help to recover from running injuries and joint pain relief too. For kids, know safety tips! Also know good storage. For healthy living to stay young!

Carrier Oils: How to dilute essential oils and mix oils :: coconut oil. jojoba oil. natural remedies

Dab essential oils on to the toilet paper tube for a fragrant bathroom.

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Essential Oil Combinations for the Home

Essential Oil Scent Combinations - The rule of thumb for scenting DIY cleaners is drops essential oil per 16 ounces of liquid (usually water and/or white vinegar).

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