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Slopemaster is a seed mixture specifically designed for erosion control where rapid establishment is a necessity with little follow up maintenance.

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plants For erosion control | ... plants, in a mixed planting. Erosion gradually decreased on the slope

You can use this erosion control netting on the slope. It's a biodegradable coir that will keep soil and mulch where you want it. Secure with landscape pins.

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Willow spiling is the most common and best known green solution for bank revetment. The technique uses woven living willow to form flexible, live, growing structures which resist and deflect water flows, enabling the bank and vegetation to naturally re-generate and stabilise to prevent further erosion.

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Curlex Erosion Control Blanket- Quick Grass for Revegetation, Slopes and Erosion. The Dirty Gardener

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40 Cool Garden Stair Ideas For Inspiration

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Erosion Control Blankets - Installation - this I didn't know about, but would surely keep it in mind to consider for any area(s) that could potentially suffer from erosion in near or even more distant future. A stitch in time saves nine!

Solutions: Slope success

Solutions: Slope success - The site mentions a jute erosion control mesh, might be useful to investigate this.

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