This poem is by Erin Hanson not E. Hemingway.

But it's you that holds the pen. This hit me like a ton of bricks. So powerful.

I've been wanting to share this poem with you for ages but I couldn't find  the source.  I hunted high and low to try and find the elusive e.h but had no luck and  then yesterday I miraculously came across her place and now I'm so happy to  share Erin's beautiful words which should be dedicated to all our daughters  and so it is.  Erin Hanson I salute you fine lady.   ::source::

a poem for our daughters

To a beautiful soul by the name of Erin Hanson, whoever you may be. thank you for reminding me just how much I love poetry in its purest form!

i feel like i can really relate to this.. x

"Although your petals are wilted, and you think no-ones knows, you're only counting your thorns, while the world sees your rose.

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If I were to be so bold as to edit E. I would remove the last line to dispell the morbidity of an excerpt which already breathes so much life.