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Did you know that “hiding a pot of gold may be what leprechauns are best known for, but it is not their full-time job; by trade they are the official shoemakers of the fairy kingdom”? --- just a few things you will learn while reading this book.

The 15 Essential Irish Pubs in Chicago, Mapped

Erin Go Bragh: 10 Great Irish Pubs for St. Patrick's Day Celebrating - Eater Chicago


Erin Go Bragh Sailing & Snorkeling Charters

Sailing may be too much for the budget, but this Erin Go Bragh charters in Fajardo gets great reviews - 253 and all positive.

Erin Go Bragh Wood Sign

Country Marketplace - Erin Go Bragh Wood Sign, $22.00 (


Some insight on all those famous Irish sayings - from Erin go Bragh to Top of the Morning to You!

Erin Go Bragh: Chasing a giant swell in Ireland

Sailing From Puerto Rico: Go Erin Go Bragh!

Sailing From Puerto Rico: Go Erin Go Bragh!: Palomonitos Island from the Erin Go Bragh