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Eric Trump, Donald Trump’s Son, Eric Trump Marries Lara Yunaska

Donald Trump's Son Eric Is Married

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Donald and Eric Trump... Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb... Open mouth and insert thy Foot Scum Eric!

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Donald Trump defending sons' sport killing may doom campaign

A$$holes Donald Trump, Jr. (l.) and Eric Trump (r.) are pictured with a leopard that they killed on their trip to Zimbabwe. Disgusting!

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'I have no shame... I HUNT & EAT game': Donald Trump's sons pictured posing with their 'trophy' carcasses on big African hunt

Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, brothers on a thrill-kill mission to shoot innocent and endangered animals. Please speak out against abuse and cruelty in ALL its forms. Boycott the Trumps in any way you can. DO NOT watch their television show, "celebrity apprentice". Please boycott the Trumps. This cannot be tolerated. They kill "Animals" for their thrills and kicks. Do YOU think he ate these? So sad

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Beavis & Butthead...and their real life counterparts, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump.

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Eric Trump received threatening letter reading: ‘Father to withdraw from presidential race or children will be hurt’

Trump defends his big-game hunting sons as they are shamed after Cecil

Posing with his prey, Eric Trump sits atop one of his kills. In his responses to critics on Twitter, Donald Jr said that the animals were used as meat for hungry villagers. In case you don’t know, the Trump boys went on a kill safari in 2012, & proudly posed with the African leopard & water buffalo they had slaughtered. Another photo shows them laughing beside a noose from which hangs an alligator. Does it get worse than two great white hunters & an animal noose in Africa?

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Ivanka jabs her finger as the entire clan shoot daggers at Ted Cruz

United: Other photos taken during the evening show Trump's family united, as they all sat together to support his quest for the White House. Pictured above left to right: Vanessa Trump, Eric Trump, Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Tiffany Trump and Lara Trump

Melania says she wishes her husband would give up Twitter

After the interview, Trump and his family posed for a picture. Back row, from left to right: Tiffany Trump, Donald Trump Jr, Melania Trump, Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump. Front row from left to right, grandaughter Kai and grandson Donnie

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Meet Lara Yunaska, she is the wife of Donald Trump's son Eric Trump, the third child Donald had with his first wife Ivana Trump. Lara & Eric married in 2014 #trump #erictrump #laratrump

Eric Trump calling out the DNC! They don't want to remind their sheep Obama created 19 trillion dollars of debt. One of a few key issues Dems sweep under the rug.

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