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With the weight of the world's conscience behind outrage over the death and non-conviction, now you begin to see why there is a problem. If there is no fear of public perception, if there is no fear of repercussion in the brightest of media spotlight--what chance do individuals on dark streets have of being safe? Of having justice?


More protests expected after funeral of Brooklyn man shot by police

as a woman of color it has been incredibly impactful on my life that in most times and places in history, I have no rights as a person. I would never been considered fully human. There are people who have never thought about that.

from NY Daily News

Eric Garner’s death ruled a homicide: NYC medical examiner

Eric Garner died in Staten Island on July 17 after police placed him in a chokehold. His death was ruled a homicide Friday.


Shout out to all the woke young brothers who’ve stood up in response to the injustices we've seen too frequently these past years, like when the lives of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Dontre Hamilton and Sandra Bland and too many tragic others were lost needlessly with callous impunity. I hear from many of you from time…

from the Guardian

'I can't breathe': young Twitter poet gives new voice to Eric Garner

'I can't breathe': young Twitter poet gives new voice to Eric Garner | US news | The Guardian


Wave of Protests After Grand Jury Doesn’t Indict Officer in Eric Garner Chokehold Case

In Eric Garner Chokehold Case, Grand Jury Is Said Not to Charge N.Y.P.D. Officer