Eragon cast

Helena Bonham Carter and Daniel Radcliffe behind the scenes. #HappyBirthdayHelenaBonhamCarter

Harry Potter Memory on

hehehe i love her! fave actress~ im so happy she was in the harry potter films! its like a reason to love her even more!

eragon cast - Google zoeken

eragon cast - Google zoeken

I would've said Chloe, but she'd likely kill me, and take over and end up being the villain.

Daniel was asked who his leading lady would be if he were ever to play James Bond. That's my answer, Rupert! I'm going to the first gay James Bond.

Oh Emma

Oh Emma

Emma Watson a bully on set? - Harry Potter - Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint & Emma Watson on Rosie O'Donnell

A vault if you will - Imgur Anna Kendrick!

A vault if you will

Eleven times the 'Twilight' cast hated 'Twilight' more than anyone