The movie utterly ruined the amazing book. Great fanfic at:

Eragon vs Movie I pretty much agree with this, only good ting about both is murtagh.

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Bilbo saying goodbye

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Baby "Saphira" from the movie Eragon

*takes her and hugs her* sé ono waíse ilia Bjartskular ( if you read the book you would know what I'm saying)

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Worst movie adaptation after 2000


The King and The Dragon by Ticcy on deviantART - jus sayin, shruikan was a lot bigger than that an galbatorix had a beard and mustache.

A great victory and a goodbye - Arya and Eragon with Fírnen and Saphira circling in the sky above.

For Art The Inheritance Cycle (Characters: Eragon, Arya, Saphira and Fírnen) © Chritsopher Paolini leaving a comment = Eragon and Arya

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