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The Search for Justice.  i have seen and loved that cartoon many times before, because it helps shift perspective. Some of us might have been clamouring loudly for Equality  when in actual fact what we are needing to champion is

SUMMARY: Equality/Equity cartoon CONNECTIONS: Hang on wall in classroom Diversity (race, abilities, gender, etc.) Use this to help students understand equity in a specific situation that they feel is “unfair” TARGET AGE: all ages (even teachers!

Equality vs Justice

Voter suppression efforts challenge my sense of fairness. ~Jeanene In the meme: Justice is a level.

There are things that come easy for some, while others have to work twice as hard in order to succeed! When we confuse fairness with equality we marginalize and victimize the very students who need us most. Life isn’t fair! Quit whining, move forward and get over it!! Achieve success with your talents and stop comparing yourself to others.

Fair Is..

There will always be a conflict in your classroom about how something is not fair and this poster would be great to have up in the classroom. When students start a confrotnation on conflict point at the poster and have each student read it aloud.

Previously, I’d only seen the first two panels and assumed it was the complete comic. This version is much better.

Improved equality versus equity comic, with a third panel. The idea: When everything is accessible by design, no one needs special accommodations.

Fair Vs. Equal classroom poster I have this in my classroom. It's important.

Should be Fair Vs Same, so not to be confused with equality arguments. Equal classroom poster - exactly what I was searching for!

Fairness vs equality  Create quality for all by becoming an ambassador for LGBTQ rights at http://www.fuzeus.com

Political humor-Education system “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

This is how I'll be teaching my "fair means everyone gets what they need" lesson (this picture minus the words)

Equality vs. Justice…

Equality doesn't mean Justice== I think I'd like it better if it was equality does not mean fairness. Justice doesn't really translate well to first graders, but they all know about being equal and fair!