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Childfree couples are families too. I hate when people ask if I have a family-of course I do!

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Are Your Traits Dominant Or Recessive?

ZF: "Liberty of color, religion and language. We unite." We are all humans, and we all deserve to live our lives the way we choose, free of judgement, violence and tyranny!!

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Gay power. Black power. Women power. Student power. All power to the PEOPLE. [queer, lesbian, gay, LGBT, equal rights]

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My identity is attached to how people act with one another. (Political, Global, Individual identity)

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Lego letter from the 1970s still offers a powerful message to parents 40 years later

1970's Lego Letter to Parents: 'The urge to create is equally strong in all children… boys and girls It's imagination that counts...' via #Letter #Creativity #Gender_Equality

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